The Plant Pure Restaurant Campaign

Would you like to see more plant-based options when dining out? We would, too! That's why the PlantPure Network has created the PPC Restaurant Campaign.


These Local Restaurants have earned Certificates of Participation in the PlantPure Communities Restaurant Campaign:

Criteria: Offer one or more meals that contain 1) No animal products (vegan) -- no dairy products, no butter, no eggs, no fish, no honey, etc. and; 2) Oil-free (refraining from using ingredients or products containing oil, and also refraining from adding any other kind of oil to the meal).

Circle Kitchen
The 1st PlantPure Restaurant in Canada!

Circle Kitchen is focused on creating delicious food that promotes environmental sustainability. 100% plant based. We make everything from scratch, for ultimate freshness and to eliminate unnecessary additives. Our menu is thoughtfully designed by a holistic nutritionist for optimal health benefits.

We source our ingredients locally and organically, whenever possible! Good for your health, good for the planet, good for the animals. Let's create positive change together! 1 - 709 Corydon Avenue

*WFPB OIL-FREE - Taco Salad, Chia Parfait, Salad Rolls with alternate dressing - many new items and specials added daily. Just ask for what is oil free.

Vinnies HOT FOODS (South Indian Dine in - Selkirk)

Offering 25 vegan menu items and 3 vegan + oil-free dishes, Vinnies Hot Foods is serious about healthy eating. The 2nd restaurant in Canada to earn the PlantPure certification.

420 Main St Selkirk

*WFPB Oil free: Kadala PradamanSplit Chickpeas made along with jaggery and coconut milk,  Aviyal  -Mix Veg made along with cumin seeds, coconut, salt, turmeric,  SambharLentil, mixed vegetables cooked together with tamarind, turmeric, and Indian spices