Vegan Social Groups

Winnipeg Vegan Community -  The largest Winnipeg vegan group  on facebook - with 2300+ members. This group was created as a safe place for vegans to chat, get to know one another, form friendships, get support, and ask questions. We follow the definition of “vegan” as proposed by the Vegan Society: Although we welcome all people to our group - vegans, vegetarians, omnivores - our focus is on veganism as defined by the Vegan Society.

Manitoba Vegans & Vegetarians is a non-political, non-religious group that encourages a plant-based lifestyle. We are here to provide support, resources and information to anyone living or aiming for a lifestyle free of animal products. This organization is open to vegans, vegetarians, AND those aiming to reduce their consumption of animal products. Facebook Group

Animal Activists

Manitoba Animal Save is part of a worldwide network of Save groups that hold vigils at slaughterhouses and bear witness to the suffering of animals. Manitoba Animal Save exists to abolish and denormalize all forms of animal slavery and ab(use), to resist welfarism, and to completely and wholly liberate animals, drawing on an intersectional approach.

We care deeply about animal suffering, human suffering, and environmental suffering, and recognize that these discourses are intricately connected. Although our focus is to criminalize and end animal suffering, we work from a framework that recognizes that the whole system is broken.  Facebook Page

Winnipeg Chicken Save exists to bear witness to chickens and shut down all slaughterhouses and hatcheries in Manitoba. Facebook Page 

Defend Animals Manitoba - A family run animal advocate group, created in 2018.

We bear witness within the province of Manitoba showing consumers exactly what conditions animals are in and what kind of suffering they go through. Our goal is to reverse the psychosis the public is under and to choose to be compassionate and inflict less harm. Our mission is to educate the public on how consuming animal products effect the environment and our health. Facebook Page

Earthlings Experience Winnipeg - A street demonstration that brings the truth about animal use industries to the public eye. Started 4 years ago by 2 sisters living in the UK - the Earthlings Experience can be found all over the world. THE EARTHLINGS EXPERIENCE is possibly the easiest form of activism and something that every activist should experience doing. Something that you can do any time, any place with as little as two 2 people.

 Show the truth and tell the truth. Animal rights is human rights too. As activists we can only continue to extend our compassion to help heal everything.  Facebook page

Anonymous for the Voiceless Winnipeg is an animal rights organisation that specializes in street activism. Through the use of local standard-practice footage, we expose to the public what is intentionally hidden from them when it comes to animal exploitation. Combining this with a value-based sales approach and resource literature, we fully equip the public with everything they need in switching to a vegan lifestyle. facebook group

Animal Rescues & Sanctuaries

Kismet Creek Farm  - We are a farm sanctuary, & offer visits with our residents to raise funds to further our rescue efforts and cover operating expenses.

We strive to promote compassion and respect for all species. We pride ourselves on putting our animals’ physical, emotional and mental well-being first. Our mission is to provide lifelong care and shelter for traditionally farmed animals, taking them out of the food system, and giving them a safe haven where they are loved and treated as the special individuals we know they are.

We host special events year round, and are available for field trip bookings, birthday parties, family gatherings and more. Our gift shop features affordable local handmade goods and is open year round. Facebook